How to install the theme?

This template works well for WordPress 3.8, update yours if needed.
Installing the theme can be done in two ways. You can upload the theme ZIP file using the built in WordPress theme upload, or copy the files through an FTP client.

    • Using WordPress Theme Upload:
      Be sure to extract the file „“ from the ThemeForest download before uploading. Using the ThemeForest ZIP file directly will result in a „Missing Style Sheet“ error.

      • Login to your WordPress admin.
      • In the „Appearance > Themes“ menu click the tab „Install Themes“.
      • At the top of the page click, „Upload“, then click the file input to select a file.
      • Select the zipped theme file, „“, and click „Install Now“.
      • After installation you will receive a success message confirming your new install.
      • Click the link „Activate“.
    • Using FTP:
      • Login to your FTP server and navigate to your WordPress themes directory.
      • Normally this would be „wp-content/themes“.
      • Extract folder „Aside“ from the zipped theme.
      • Copy the folder „Aside“ to your themes directory.
      • After the files finish uploading, login to your WordPress admin.
      • In the „Appearance“ menu click „Themes“.
      • Click „Activate“ for the theme „Aside“.